Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm a Celebrity!!!

I'm not a person who gets recognized often.  In fact, recognition makes me uncomfortable.  Sure it feels great on the inside, but on the outside I turn beet red and start sweating profusely (another reason why The Pioneer Woman should be my bff).  Since a red face and a pitted out tee don't mix well in the company of others, I prefer to avoid recognition.  Seriously, in a cool 2 seconds I can go from a dry shirt to this...

However, I am now a celebrity.  A "Z" list celebrity, but a celebrity nonetheless.  A couple of days ago I decided to enter Money Saving Queen's "What Have Coupons Done for You' contest.  I wrote my quick little ditty and then sent it in.  Within minutes I got a reply about needing pictures to go along with my story so it could be posted on the website. 

{Insert loud shrieking here}

The only other time I've been recognized in the adult world is when I somehow fooled the people I worked with into thinking I was a good enough teacher to receive an award called Teacher of the Year (TOY).  After you're nominated for your school site, you're automatically entered into the district competition.  Out of all the school sites in my district, they choose a Top 10 selection of teachers.  I wrote my portfolio, turned it in, and laughed.  There was no way a teacher of only 4 years was going to be chosen for the Top 10.  I guess my witty charm through writing cast some sort of spell on the portfolio readers, because I found myself at a banquet receiving gifts and recognition.  I even had a video spotlight on my teaching (all the Top 10 had to do this).  As my video played, I was trying so hard to control the sweat in my pits because watching yourself teach in front of hundreds of people is Em. Bar. Ras. Sing.  Like totally embarrassing. 

Thank the good Lord above the Selection Committee recognized my non-skills and chose a wonderful, much more seasoned teacher than me.  Because if my name had been called, I would have had to make a speech, and I did not prepare a speech at all.  After all, I was dreaming all this up.  Right?

Anyway, back to Money Saving Queen.  I went to check her coupon posts for the day and ended up seeing this  (By the way, there is a spelling mistake.  Yes, I sent in my story with a spelling mistake.  FRUSTRATING!!!).  Upon seeing my written words and pictures I immediately felt my face flush and Niagara Falls began flowing in my armpits, and then I one can SEE me.  No one knows I even wrote this.  AWESOME. 

Ah snap!  I just gave myself away.  Off to wipe away my sweaty pits.

Happy Friday!!!

p.s.  I leave today for snow tubing.  I'm sure there'll be lots of titillating tidbits for you after that experience.  After all, we're going with Steven's twin brother (Steven and Rene always have interesting experiences together) and my sister-in-law.  A big thanks to my mom for coming over to stay with the kids and Jac-kay for taking Blueberry the fish!!

p.p.s Next week will feature a single white male ad.  You'll want to be here for that.  It's my feeble attempt at finding Romulus Gregory a forever love (outside of his Harley, that is).  Romulus, if you're reading this you'd better email me a pic of yourself.  You never know what I'll post if you don't ;)

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