Friday, March 4, 2011

Get 'Em Moving with Shapes

We took a week off 'school' work to enjoy the nice Spring like weather.  Since the kids are 4 and 2, I don't really consider it school, but we do focus on one learning skill a day.  With the short break, I knew we would need to review shapes with Chunky Monkey and Little Miss.  Flash cards are a little inappropriate for them, so I just showed them the cards, along with Little Man, and then I taped them around the living room...

Once you've shown the kids the shape and the name, you'll want to tape them around the room. At first you'll move to each card and point out the shape, and then have them say it.  Then the game begins.  Simply call out the name of a shape, and they have to run and stand by it.  Most kids are kinetic learners (learn best while doing), so this is perfect.  Get them up.  Get them moving.  Get them learning.  It also helps build listening skills. 

Happy Friday!!!


Alice said...

Do you plan on homeschooling them? You should!! I would love to do that too. Not sure just how much I would actually "teach" them...but that's what the google is for. LOL!
Think about how much more you would be like PW ;-) Will the husband wear Wranglers?

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

How fun! I bet they loved that!