Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Crafty Mind

You know that Beastie Boys song She's Crafty?  Well, I'm not that girl in the song, but the title could fit me.  Just the title. Not the lyrics.  Let's get that straight.  Here's how the title fits me...

When I want something, the 'thing' doesn't leave my mind until I get it.  In some cases I have to be crafty.  Thank the good LORD I married a man who indulges me.  I like to think that he thinks it's cute, but after 14 years together I'm certain my cuteness is wearing off.  I'll give you a case in point.  I'll call this little scenario, I Want Some Water.

I Want Some Water
(Setting:  Our bedroom some random night at 10:00pm)

Steven was sharing some things about his work day.  I was already in bed.  I was tired, but I was also thirsty.  Seeing that the story wasn't going to end anytime soon, I interrupted...

ME: "I really am listening, but could you get me some water.  I'm really, really thirsty."

STEVEN: "What?  I'm right in the middle of my story."

ME:  "Okay.  It's just I'm really, really, really thirsty.  You wouldn't want me to die of dehydration, would you?"

STEVEN:  "That's not going to happen.  Can I finish?"

ME:  "Yessss, but I might not survive."

Ignoring my life or death situation, he continues on...

STEVEN: "...and that's what I liked the most about the day.  I made a big change in the way he thinks."

ME: "You know what I really like?"

STEVEN: "What? That I finally got my point across to this guy?"

ME: "Nope.  Water.  I really like water.  Can you get me some?"

STEVEN:  "Oh my gosh.  Are your legs broken?"

ME:  "I think so.  Oh, can you add in a few ice cubes?  You know I like my water cold."

Yep.  Crafty.  That's me.  AND, that's all I have for you today folks.  Let this be a lesson to you.  I often write about things that will not impact your life whatsoever, and yet you keep coming back.  I think I am in fact sucking out your brain cells through this very computer screen right now.


Ashley said...

Wow. Way to be creative there! I kinda like that Steven just finished his story! What would happen if you don't get your way? Oh that must be where Little Man gets it from? Lol!

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

Poor Steven! LOL! I try my best to control my ADD when my hubby has a story. But he is the windiest of all men I know. I mean that in the most loving way. =)

Alice said...

Alan talks about work stuff. Like tools and paint and wood. I zone out after maybe 1 minute.