Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Right Thing, Wrong Time

A long time ago (like before I was married long ago) our pastor shared the most eye opening piece of information.  It wasn't anything profound.  It was simple, but it stuck with me.  After really thinking about where life has taken our little family of five, I am a firm believer in this statement. 

You can do the RIGHT thing at the WRONG time, or you can do the WRONG thing at the RIGHT time, but it will never work until you do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time.

I'm sure you are probably thinking, "Say whaaaat?"

I know it sounds confusing, but it is so true.  Life has moments where you need a change.  You must make a change.  I have found that often times I push my way through those changes and do the right thing but at the wrong time.  As a result of forging ahead, we suffer.  Had I utilized patience and discipline I would have been blessed instead of stressed.

On the other hand, I have had moments where I was at the right time to make a decision and a change, but I made the wrong choice.  Ouch!  We all know what that feels like. Regret is an awful,awful feeling.  It's important to not dwell on regrets, but to move forward and learn from passed mistakes.

That leads me to today.  I have the most precious friend that for years has been struggling with whether or not to homeschool her children.  Last night she shared with me that she finally purchased the curriculum and unenrolled her child from the upcoming school year.  I was so proud of her.  Not because homeschool is what's best for my family (we aren't homeschooling), but because she was patient and waited to do the right thing for her family at the right time. 

It is hard to look at what other families are doing that surround you, and not measure ourselves up with their successes or failures.  Often times we start to focus so much on what other's are doing and forget that we are called to do our own thing.  God's plan for each family is different.  Follow His plan. Not your neighbor's plan. Not your best friend's plan.  Not Joe Schmoe's plan. God's plan.  

So Friend (you know I'm talking to you), I am so proud of the decision you made for you and your kids.  For everyone, what is it that you need to take care of?  Do you have a decision that you need to make?  A choice?  I can honestly say that if you do, it is so important to do the RIGHT thing at the RIGHT time. If you utilize patience, you can be blessed.  If it is the right time for you, look for the right thing.  Ask for wisdom and clarity.  You will find it.

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