Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Be Brave

Fear is not something we put much stock in.  I don't like our fears to get the best of us, and I definitely don't like it to show up in our kids.

When Little Man was tiny up until about 3 years old, he liked to keep his feet on the ground.  He wasn't daring.  He wasn't brave.  He wasn't bold.  He was unsure and afraid.

A lot of prayer and reminders what God says he is, Little Man is now bold, confident, and daring.

Last year we enrolled Little Man and Little Miss in swim lessons.  The first thing I noticed was the high dive. Oh man, what I would have given to get up on that thing.  I was excited.

Little Man saw it too.  He didn't say anything about it the first few days until his teacher said they would have the chance to go off of it later on in the week.  Stress.  Little Man began to stress.  Our advice to him as parents was a lesson of regret.  We talked to him about wanting to do something, but holding back because you are afraid.  Sometimes you can let fear grab a hold of you so strongly, you miss out on a big opportunity.  

He thought about that and the very next day he had the opportunity to jump.  I was nervous for him, but it would be up to him.  I watched him walk up to the ladder, climb up, wait for the signal from the teacher and jump.  No fear.  Just boldness.  I almost cried.  It was a big moment for him.

This year, he couldn't wait to jump.  He got his opportunity on the second day.  He would jump, swim to the side, and get back in line.  My heart swelled.  My once fearful child stood in front of his fears and conquered them. He makes me proud.

This is my brave, bold boy doing his thing off the high dive last night.  Be on the lookout for a second and third high dive video because Little Miss and Chunky Monkey have their eye on that thing.

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