Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cost of Health

One of my initial thoughts for introducing Arbonne protein shakes into our daily regiment was the cost.  One bag $65.  Ouch.  That was going to hit my grocery budget pretty hard. 

After some contemplation, I realized this is what we needed to do.  We needed to give our digestion system a break from solid foods for at least one meal.  The thought of adding fresh fruit, spinach, and kale to my breakfast shake was a big selling point.  The thought of receiving vegan protein, the most absorbable form of protein, made even more sense.  We were going to do this, but how.

Since I made up my mind on what we were going to do, I had to figure out how we were going to do it.  I began crunching the numbers. 

Let's start with what we needed.  One bag of protein is 30 servings.  Basically, we would need two bags to replace breakfast; one for Steven and one for me.  At retail that would be $130 ($65x2), but we weren't going to pay retail.  We opted to be consultants receiving a 35% discount.  That brought our total for the month down to $84.50 for both of us.

Then I thought about the cost we were recouping from replacing a meal.  Our usual breakfasts were instant oatmeal, scrambled eggs, or peanut butter toast.  Nothing very expensive, but it was going to get cut out.  I gave myself a $30 credit for the month from our grocery budget.  $30 that would normally pay for the breakfast for Steven and I now going towards the protein.  Cost of protein now for us...$54.50.  Then I divided that cost by 30 to see how much per day it was going to cost us.  It came out to $1.82 a day to replace one meal a day with a shake.  Add the veggies, fruit, and almond milk we add to the shakes and we're looking at spending roughly $2/day on better health.  To me that was a bargain.

Now if you are a person who eats out for lunch everyday, consider replacing your out to eat meal with a vegan shake.  Even at retail, you're spending $2.16/day.  Add in the cost of your almond milk, fruits, and veggies and you're looking at about $2.25/day at most.  I'm betting you can't beat that on the dollar menus around town ;)

To take it one step further, what will you save on doctor bills?  What would that look like for you?  Would you be able to go off medications?  Improve your blood test scores?  Become sick less?  That all adds up to more money in your pocket.  Less copays, less perscriptions, less over the counter meds.  Of course you would never do anything without consulting your doctor first, but I can name you countless incidents where people I know have done just that...gone off meds and improved their overall health.  Credit that back to your account and now those shakes don't seem so expensive.

Just a little glimpse into my thought process and why we chose Arbonne.  My ultra beefy, work out feind, protein taking husband is a firm believer.  He loves the taste and how he has zero digestion issues that come along with it.  Plus, it's sweetened naturally with stevia.  Check your protein. What's it being sweetened with?  Fructose, Sucralose (artificial sweetener)?  Google those and see if you are okay with those ingredients.  So men, it's not some frilly protein girls take.  It's legit.  Too legit too quit.  Hey, Hey!!!

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