Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here It Comes...

Alright guys, I'm letting a nasty cat out of the bag.  If you are wondering why I have been so hit or miss on keeping up with this blog.  There is a reason.  I am a...oh man, I don't know if I can say it.  I am a...a...a...NETWORK MARKETER.  Whew!  Feels good to get that off my chest.  Network marketing sounds (or sounded) like such a dirty word to me.

I'm sure most of you have heard me talk about Arbonne and how eating cleaner and their detox program was a game changer for our family.  Steven and I felt great and we wanted to share it with others.  So we did.  Then I ended up with a business sitting my lap. I shared.  Steven shared. People asked.  I told.  More people asked.  I told more people, and that's just how it happened.

Upons sitting around with a new little business, a person on my team shared with me a book called The Flip-Flop CEO.  It was in reading this book did it hit me.  I am on to something that fits me perfectly.  That says me all over it.  I am not above network marketing.  I am network marketing.  I have been a network marketer my whole life, but I let one thing hold me back from getting paid from it.  It was this belief...


Yep, that's what I thought.  100% that was me.  Then I read this passage in Flip Flop CEO:

Most of you do network marketing already, you just don't know it.  The restaurant, boutique or spa recommendation-that's network marketing.  The dentist referral-network marketing.  The movie your friends should watch, book they should read, sond they should download-network marketing.  Every day you spread the word for brands you love.  That's network marketing.

Seriously,  how many times have I given one of your my list of favorites?  I love telling people about good deals, great businesses, tips, etc.  If it's something I benefitted from, I want others to benefit from it.  This time around, I'm getting paid to tell people about what I love.  It's totally up to the people I talk to if they want to partake in what I'm doing.  BUT, guess what?  If you choose something different, I totally respect that.  You have your right to be wrong (I'm, I'm 99.9% kidding).  I have friends who do other things besides Arbonne that are health related and that is great!  I have friends who live lifestyles healthier than I do without Arbonne.  I just find Arbonne products make my healthier lifestyle easier. 

All this to say, you don't have to hide from me.  I won't go crazy on you.  Heck, I was crazy before I started network marketing.  I may ask you about Arbonne.  You may look at me and say, "No thanks,"  and I'll move the conversation on to something else I want to know about you.  It kinds of boils down to this next passage from Flip Flop CEO:

Network marketing is-plain and simple-about sharing things you love with people you suspect will love them, too.  It's about asking people to consider redirecting the dollars already headed out the door to something they might like better; something that will benefit them and you.

This is no different from how it works in any other business or community.  If your friend owned a restaurant, would you eat there?  Would you be offended if they asked you to try a dish?  Of course not.  If your friend was performing in a concert, would you buy a ticket?  We think you would.

That's all folks.  I have been busy talking with peeps, putting in orders, answering questions, and playing with my kids.  It's a fun new life.  I promise to keep a better job with my blog, because I love writing.  I love the documentary it keeps for my kids and this time in my life. In fact, right now I'm sitting here feeding my precious nephew lunch while working.  To take it one mental picture step forward, I just got a bunch of applesauce sprayed on me while working.  Tell me that's happening in your office right now?  Yep, I love this life. 

After reading this, if you have thoughts of Well, maybe I could do that too, then it's probably for you.  I work with a team of people who had that one thought and turned it in to a business that allowed them to quit their 6 figure full time job.  They now work at home.  It's a pretty nice gig.  To go a step further, my team leader makes on average $12,000/month.  Yeah, you read that right...A MONTH!  She wasn't in this to get rich. She still isn't in it to get rich.  She did it to make $2500/month so she could stay home with her children.  Now all the extra goes to blessing people.  Traveling to Haiti, fostering children, giving to others in need.  All of that from Arbonne and telling people about what she loves.  That's all.


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