Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Fridge: A Representation of My Life

Recently I came across this organizational site for your home.  After the kids went to bed I stayed up way too late and went through all of the tips and rooms.  Secretly, I was drooling over the kitchen.  Everything had a place and was in its place.  I vowed in my head that my kitchen was headed in that direction.  

The next morning I woke up and made a list of the tasks I wanted to accomplish to get my kitchen picture perfect.  Over the course of the week I found a place for everything, and I wanted to take a picture of job well done.  I didn't.  I now wish I would have.  My picture perfect kitchen lasted a whole 4 hours.  

The truth of the matter is my kitchen is the hub of the entire house.  I would love to have a picture perfect home 24/7, but we live in our home.  We make memories here.  As nice as my fridge looks all cleaned off, it warms my heart to have little reminders of what I love displayed on the doors.  There will be a day when I get to have that picture perfect kitchen, but for now, instead of becoming annoyed with the clutter I think I'll celebrate it.  

So instead of this fridge...

I have this fridge...

It has the things that make me smile right now.  The necklace Little Man made at school for his 100th day party, my weekly menu, the letter from Luis (the child we sponsor through Compassion International), a reminder of what makes a Godly family, the dollar my grandma sent Chubby Cheekers for his first birthday, the picture of Little Man and Steven from the day Steven volunteered at the school, and the letter Little Miss has mastered. 

Does my fridge look cluttered?  Yes, but I enjoy walking by and seeing all the things that currently happening with our family.  One day, when the kids are all grown I'll miss the trinkets and treasures to display for all to see.  I'll have that clean fridge, but nothing to go on it. of Steven and I from all of our extreme traveling...HA!


Alice said...

I will take a picture of my fridge tonight! It will make you feel a lot better about yours! LOL! I am a magnet hoarder :-)

Mother 2 Four said...

I'm not sure I could take down tall the cute letters, pictures/drawings on my fridge either. I'm sure it doesn't look pretty/cute to everyone else...but it makes my heart happy.