Thursday, February 7, 2013


WARNING:  If you have a squeamish stomach DO NOT click on the link.  

A few months back my friend, Erica and I were running.  She was talking about something (I really can't remember as I'm sure I was sucking wind) and mentioned someone being 'granola'.  Uh what?  Granola?  What the heck is that?

Since I'm not one to pretend to know what's going on when I don't, I stopped her.

What the heck is granola?

After she finished laughing at me she said, "You know, someone earthy.  Whole Foods-ie.  Granola."


Fast forward a month or so and we were headed to some nutrition talk for marathon runners.  I was attending for Steven's sake, and she was there because she's, well, crazy.  Anyway, one of my favorite passed times is shocking people with news.  I mentioned to her that I read on Facebook about a friend of a friend who did a home birth and buried her placenta in the backyard.  

Then I paused to watch her face.  It was awesome.  She was grossed out and shocked and then starting thinking about people she knew who did home births and whether or not they buried their placentas.  She was going to ask them.

Then I said, "Hey, let me know.  Maybe they even ate it."

Then she said, "Oh my gosh.  That is so gross.  Who does that?"

Then I said, "People do.  Apparently it's full of nutrients."

That totally grossed her out.  I watched her face.  It was majorly contorted.  It was even awesomer than the first 'shocked' face. My day was complete.

Long story short, every time I hear the word 'granola', I can't help but think of that conversation of people eating their placentas.  So much so that when Erica mentioned on Facebook that buying part of a grass fed, no-antibiotic cow made her feel 'granola', I couldn't help but ask if she was going to eat her next placenta.

Yeah, probably not the best place to joke about that.  Who am I kidding?  That's totally the best place to joke about that!  I am pretty ornery.  Erica, however, did not want to gross out all of her personal clients, as the thread was on her private business page, so she clarified that I was joking...and nasty (I can't argue with that one).

Since I was outed, I had to go one step further.  For the record, I called Erica after posting the link to be sure we're still friends.  She hasn't gotten back to me yet.  I don't know why.  I only posted this...

And what's a blog post without pics, right?

No, my friends, that is NOT a meatball sub.  Yeah, I just upchucked too.  Gets me every time!

Would it be wrong to say, "Happy Cooking" at the end of this post?


Anonymous said...

You're going to die...I actually thought about having my placenta dehydrated and made into pills to consume. We decided against it, but honestly, I wish I had done it. I have a friend who just did it!!

Allison Rollandini

bopha said...

Holy placenta!! That may be the sickest thing I've ever seen. Nutrients or not, that sucker just came out of your you know what. It's just not right.....