Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chubby Cheekers~One Year Edition

Sometimes a man gets a little busy, you know, I had to take a little baby blogging break.  I must tell you of my latest antics because they are pretty good.  

I've been struggling with conveying what I want to Mommy.  I have all these great ideas in my head, but Mommy doesn't really get it.  Like when I tried to climb in sister's baby doll stroller.  She got me out.  She didn't get that babies go in strollers.  I had to let her know I was NOT okay with the whole 'getting me down thing' so I did what any genius baby would do.  I threw myself on the floor.  

My technique has really improved over the last few weeks.  At first I tried the Throw Your Head Back technique.  That worked great on the carpet, but the wood floors and tile hurt.  I knew a change had to come or I would really hurt my noggin. After much contemplation I decided to utilize the belly flop.  It was somewhat effective, but it was missing the dramatic flair I was searching for.  Then I found it.  The knee drop with my head thrown back, ending in a belly flop is the way to go.  It prevents injury on my part, but really sticks it to Mommy.

I have also been working on strengthening my big toes.  Did you know those guys can hook on higher surfaces and hoist you up on things?  Never underestimate the power of a strong toe.

I first figured this out in Mommy's bathtub.  She has this little seat thing.  I put my chubby little leg as high as it could go, but it wasn't cutting it.  However, my big fat toe could reach the ledge of the seat. I hooked it on quick and hoisted myself up.  As I stood there all proud of myself, Mommy gave me the mean face, said, "No, no," and got me down.  Party pooper.

The next day, I found something she would let me climb on.  Check me out...

Photo: We have a climber.

I am one big stud muffin, but if you want a piece of me you'll have to get in line.  Mommy has my heart, meany face and all.  I love her and those Milk Twins!

Chubby Cheekers

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