Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pinterest Crock Pot Misfire

A long time ago I pinned some crock pot freezer meal recipes.  I've only put together 3 meals, but I have to share the misfire on one.  Here's the original recipe for Teriyaki Crock Pot Chicken.  Although this recipe wasn't inedible (I think I just invented a word), it wasn't a hit either.  Here's what I would do differently next time.

{pic via Test Kitchen of Melissa Fallis}

  1. Nix the extra 1/4 cup Teriyaki sauce you add in before cooking.
  2. Hold off on the pineapples until you are ready to serve.  They soaked up the Teriyaki sauce and looked disgustingly brownish black.  Not appealing at all.  Flavor wise they should be there, but not until you plate it up.
  3. Add colorful bell peppers to the freezer bag.  It will add some color and taste.  
With these little tips in mind, I will serve this again hoping these changes will improve the end result.  Now I'm curious about your freezer meals.  Go on, share away.  No really, share.  I want to know.  I neeeeed to know.

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