Friday, September 28, 2012

Chubby Cheekers 7.5 Month Edition

Hello My Peeps,

I know you have missed me and have probably been hanging on by a thread wondering what my life has been full of lately.  Well, let me tell you.  I've been moving up.  Yeah, you read that right.  I'm going vertical.

Mommy is not too sure of my latest feats.  In fact, she tells me to get down quite frequently.  Can't she tell I'm a man who likes to live on the edge?  She is cramping my baby style.  How can she limit my awesomeness?  Just check me out...

Photo: He lives on the edge       Photo: What? I'm not supposed to be up here?

I look so cool.  Even though I'm sporting my 'busted' look, I still look good.  About 2.5 seconds after Mommy documented my skills she pulled me off the fireplace, so you know what I did?  I pulled up on my brother's rocking chair ('cause I wanted to bite the arm rest).  Yep, Mommy and Daddy were reading the nightly bedtime stories to my adorable sister and awesome bro, and I was leisurely crawling about.  I saw that delicious looking arm rest and just pulled myself up so I could lick the snot out of it.  After the licking ended, I took a big 'ol bite out of the wood.  It was so fulfilling that I felt I met my max quota for mad baby skills and went to bed.  BUT, not before I got the 3 B's.  Say them with me..."Bath, Boobie, Bed."  This is the life, people.  This is the life.

Chubby Cheekers

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