Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit

If you don't know the song, I'll spare you.  However, you should really should educate yourself.  At the very least you should learn, If you're sliding into first and you feel a sudden burst...Okay, I'll stop there.

Really beans is the topic today.  Yesterday a friend from church commented on my strict grocery budget.  She mentioned exchanging meats for beans as a cost/health saving tip.  She is so right on.  Beans and lentils are so perfect in so many ways.  The only problem.  I'm not a bean eater.  I'm not a bean eater and I married a Puerto Rican.  Do you know the main ingredients for PR's?  Rice and, you guessed it, beans.  YIKES!

Over the years I have done a much better job incorporating beans into our diet, but it's mainly black beans.  So, I haven't ventured out too far in the bean department.  Disappointing, I know.

Regardless of my lack of bean consumption, I have found a few tried and true black bean recipes that I love and I just added one more.  I pinned this jewel on Pinterest a few months ago.

Of course I had to make adjustments.  I didn't have any cilantro.  Nor a yellow bell pepper.  Not even a tomato. I did have a green bell pepper and salsa.  That was enough to make it work.  Instead of a creamy cilantro dipping sauce, we had salsa.  Here's the review from the Torres family.

Steven-A head nod.  He was too busy stuffing his face.  That's a good thing.
Little Man-Thumb's up
Little Miss-Didn't like it.  Nothing new.  It will take her a few more times before she'll eat it.
Chubby Cheekers-Well, he liked the Milk Twins afterward
Myself-A definite hit!  Loved them.

Happy Cooking!!!

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