Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Little Girl

A picture is worth a thousand words...or thoughts. It is my favorite picture of her.  No, you can't see her big brown eyes or her light up smile, but it's so her.  The bare feet.  The messy hair.  The dress (she's always in a dress).  Taking in the moment without any knowledge of what's going on around her.  It's just so Little Miss.  I love my little girl so much.

Despite my love for this precious gift, we've had a hard week.  As sweet and loving as she is, Little Miss has developed a bit of sass.  I'm going to get very real here and share some very real mistakes I have made with her recently.  

I truly believe in the power of what you say.  Steven and I guard our words carefully when we come against troubles.  However, I have fallen short in this area regarding my only little girl.  I found myself discrediting the wonderful gift I have been given.  I have accepted the sass through my words by saying things like, "She's sweet, but sassy," or "Oh, Little Miss, she is sassy," or even worse, "God knew what he was doing when he gave me only one girl."

You know what?  What I have been saying is wrong.  My job is to build her up and teach her in the way that she should go.  Not accept the bad habits she has formed, or point them out.  This has really convicted me  lately.  

In all reality, I need to see things from her point of view.  She is the only girl in a world of boys.  Without the sass, she would probably get run over by the rough and tough business that goes on in this house.  Regardless, where I have failed is in the training.  She needs me to help her find where she fits in with these boys without demonstrating sassy behavior.  She needs me to spend quality time doing activities that are important to her without the interference of boys.  She needs to see me demonstrating behavior that builds her up.  She needs me to not speak of her as sassy, but stop it when it comes out.

So here's my game plan.  I'm going to speak her into greatness.  I'm going to tell her this everyday...

You are mine.  You are sweet.  You are precious.  You are strong.  You are beautiful.  You are determined.  You are playful.  You are adventurous.  You are a go-getter.  You are a princess.  You are giving.  you are carefree.  You are loved.

She is NOT sassy.

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