Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Style

I don't even know where to start on this one.  Maybe from the beginning?  That's always a good start.  But, even there I'm not sure if that's the true beginning. Maybe I never really knew so there is no beginning.  I have things I like. I even have things I love, but to pinpoint my actual style into one word.  That one's hard.

Pinterest has been a culprit in my style identity crisis.  Another possible contributor is our upcoming extended family pictures.  And yet another culprit, the ridiculous price tags on clothing these days.  Aye, aye, aye!  My head is spinning.

Often I see friends pin outfits I find so adorable.  Some even move me to repin, but recently I went on a search for my outfit so I can then pick out the rest of the families' clothing.  I hate matchy-matchy, but I also don't want to look like Picasso went color blind and dressed our family.

So hear are my thoughts in pictures...

Do I go with the anklet jeans paired with a denim shirt and colorful flats and jewelry?

Denim black and tan.

As much as I would like the boots, I cannot in my right mind fork out that much money for pictures.  Give me some tennis shoes or Toms, but boots...I'd rarely wear them.

I'm not sure that's dressy enough though, so I began searching for something a bit more classy.  I'm came across these...
Cute way to wear a maxi for fall

Now that I look at it, really? It's basically the same thing with a skirt.  Geez!  I have some major style issues. If it were really up to me, I'd wear this...

Ahhh, total comfort.  Jeans and Toms. I am at home.  So I guess I do have a style.  COMFTY!  I like to be comfortable and low maintenance.  It's just me.  However, I'd like for our kids to look back on our family photos and not say, "Oh wow.  There's mom.  In jeans.  As always."  So the search continues...

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Alice said...

I say go with the last outfit! It is way cute!!

And on the boots...most of them will last for awhile (unless you buy ones from Payless or Target) and therefore it is a purchase that you will get to enjoy for years. I have a pair of Steve Madden cowgirl boots that I bought almost 9 years ago that I still pull out of the closet and wear ever so often.