Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Thoughts on the Olympics

I love the Olympics like a fat kids loves cake.  Here are my random thought after hours of watching the actual games and commentaries...

  • My absolute favorite sport is women's gymnastics which should really be called Girl's Gymnastics.  Very few of them are women.
  • The new rule that the two top scores only per team advance to the Women's All-Around is ridiculous.  Let the best compete, not the best from each team.  This is the Olympics.  Watching Jordan Wieber cry was heart-wrenching.  She is a better than gymnasts than the other teams sending their two.  It just so happens two of her teammates are just as great.
  • I cry with the athletes as they win.  All that passion displayed with the realization that their hard work and sacrifice paid off.
  • I cry with the athletes that lose.  
  • I am an all around hot mess while watching these games.
  • Listening to all the personal stories is just as exciting as the actual events.  I guess I'm nosy, because I want to know it all!
  • Being a parent has me watching the parents of the the athletes.  
  • I want an Olympic Rings tattoo.
  • I don't understand why archery and shooting are apart of the Olympics.  Those are skilled activities not sports.  
  • Divers in skimpy speedos is just wrong.
  • If I were to enter in the Olympics, I would do gymnastics...or the high dive...or swimming...
  • I would not do water polo. I don't like to tread water.
  • I have many more thoughts, but the Olympics are on.

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Ashley said...

My favorite sport is swimming of course. Ya know since I was the swim team. I get anxious when they are waitin fir the gun/buzzer and scream "GO!!!" at the tv along with their teammates when they are close to the end. Brings back great memories!! Jimmy said he will take me to the next summer olympics when the are in the US to wstch swimming! I hope t really happens.