Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classy Consignment

I really can't believe it's time for the Rhea Lana of South Tulsa sale.  I've got all my items ready to go.  Remember, we're done reproducing over here?  We've decided our duty to help populate the Earth is complete. This means one thing.  I'm unleashing ALL of Little Miss' clothing birth-3 years old.  Many items still have tags on them!  Now, I'd like for you to go and BUY my items.

Kidding, you can buy other people's stuff too.  That's precisely why I love Rhea Lana.  It's like shopping at a store, because it's a STORE FRONT sale.  Not a warehouse where you will spend hours and hours searching for the right items, and then standing in a line that wraps around that said warehouse for a few more hours.  Like I said, it's store shopping.  LOVE IT.

Now here's how you love it too...

STEP 1:  We can have lots of fun.
STEP 2:  There's so much we can do.
STEP 3:  It's just you for me.

Wait a MINUTE...

I was a having a New Kids on the Block moment...

Let's get back on track.

Here's how you LOVE RL...

  • Get in your car.
  • Drive to The Shoppes at Regal Plaza @ 106th and Memorial (facing Hampton Inn)
  • Enter the sale.
  • Buy my stuff until your bag is overflowing.
  • Head home and feel good about your savings.
See?  Wasn't that simple?  Now here are the times for you to check out this sale...

Pre-Sale Day: 
Monday, August 13th (hint:  join the RL Facebook page for this pass)

Sale Days:
Tuesday, August 14th 9am-7pm
Wednesday, August 15th 9am-6pm
Thursday, August 16th 9am-5pm

Half Price Sale Days:
Friday, August 17th 9am-7pm
Saturday, August 18, 9am-2pm

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