Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chubby Cheekers 6 Month Edition

Hey Ladies,

I'm speaking specifically to the ladies, because I am officially six months old today.  I thought I'd give myself a little advertising for all of you out there.  First off, I'm luscious.  I've got rolls that will have you biting your lower lip.  My smile now contains one pearly white.  No teeth whitening for me. I currently live in a spacious and neat studio crib, and like to dine on fine milk.  Lately, I've been branching out and trying new fruits and vegetables.  Apples, bananas, carrots, avocados.  I can keep them all down. I am a bit of an adventurer, so you must be an 'on the go' gal.  In my spare time I enjoy explorations of my surroundings and I don't sit too well in one spot.  You'll need to keep up.

Even though I've teased you with my awesomeness, I need to share that I am currently not seeking any relationship other than the one with Mommy.  She is my main squeeze, but I just wanted to fill you in on what you could have with me.  I'm quite the cutie, or at least Mommy tells me that multiple times a day.  Once you hear something so often you tend to believe it.  So I'm a cutie, and you can't have me.  And just to seal the deal on my cutie patootie-ness, I'll add a picture of me fresh out of my long, warm bubble bath.  Oh, I'm also flexible...

Chubby Cheekers

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