Monday, August 27, 2012

Kindergarten...A Mom's View

It's hard.  Period.  Sending your child off to a big world to function outside of you is hard.  We've prayed and trust in the training we have put into him thus far, but you know what?  It's a long day for a five year old to be gone.  It's long day for a five year old to be exposed to kids who come from all kinds of backgrounds. It's a long day for a five year old to function away from the comfort of their home environment.  I know, kids do it all the time at younger ages, but your viewpoint really changes when you are a parent.  At least mine did.  Up until now, I only thought of school as a teacher.

Despite my feelings as a mom, Little Man has had a wonderful start to school outside of two moments that made me cry.

Moment #1:  He waited for an hour before I was able to get to him in the car pool line.  Even though I told him it would be a long, long wait, he still thought I left him.  Instantaneous tear fighting from this mama.

Moment #2:  Watching my boy scarf down his untouched sandwich from lunch when I picked him up.  He didn't have time to eat it.  Fighting back more tears.

Thankfully, the two moments above will get better, but it still hurts your heart.  Thankfully, he has an amazing teacher who he already loves.  Thankfully, he belongs to God and is protected, cared for, and loved.  Otherwise, this mama would put him a bubble.  Heck, I may do it long as I could go in that bubble with him and smooch his face off.  I just love this guy, and only want the absolute best for him.

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