Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To My Baby

Chubby Cheekers,

It's Mommy.  It hasn't been but a minute since I put you to bed, and I miss your snuggles already.  Your baby breath inches from my face, and those little snores that only I can hear.  The way you sigh over and over after a good, full meal.  

Time passes too quickly.  I've known this with your brother and sister, but with you, it's magnified.  My last precious baby.  Four months already that you have gifted us with your presence.  Although I'm excited for the milestones you will accomplish as you grow older, I wish I could press pause on this moment.  Right now. 

Thankfulness fills my heart that I had this weekend to spend with you solely.  I wasn't rushed to put you to bed.  I had the time to rock you for an hour and just watch your tummy rise and fall.  You were  pulled in tightly to me, per your request.  You really won't have it any other way.  Your belly to mine.  So vulnerable and trusting.  Sleeping in your peaceful manner with those noises and smiles that have me wondering what baby dreams run through your mind.

I thank God for this moment. That I've had the opportunity to treat you as if you were an only child, yet love you like the last child you are.  I'm able to fully appreciate all of you at this moment because of you are my last.  I love you, Chubby Cheekers, in all your baby glory.  You have my heart. 


{My Chubby Cheekers, 4 months}


Alice said...

that was such a precious letter

BoomerSooner said...

I really like your letters!