Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Go, Go, Go

Once again it has been a go, go, go day.  In many ways I love these days, but they kick my bootay!  I am one beat mama.  I have very little wit left in my brain.  In fact I have very little left in my brain at all, but lucky for you I'll share what's in there.

  • I hope my baby boy sleeps tonight. He's been waking up a few times during the night.  It's killing me.  I'm ready for him to go back to his 11 Hour Sleepfests.
  • I'm thirsty, but already in bed.  I'm hoping Steven will take pity on me and walk all the way to the kitchen to get me some water.
  • He did.  I'm not thirsty anymore.
  • I'm already sick of this heat. A thermometer should never read above 100 degrees.  Glad I'm not going to Hell.
  • Tomorrow is Super Hero Day at the library and church.  Little Man already has two separate costumes laying out.  Heaven forbid he repeat costumes in one day.
  • Little Miss thinks her Cinderella dress qualifies as 'Super Hero-ish'. I'll probably let her wear it.
  • Chubby Cheekers is his own Super Hero.  He'll wear his own clothes.
  • I'll wear whatever is clean and fits.
  • I still have a baby bulge left in the front.  It drives me nuts.
  • I miss my abs.  A LOT!
  • Steven just climbed in bed and left the light on.  If he thinks I'm getting up out of my comfy spot to turn it off, he's got another thing comin'.
  • One time he left the light on and refused to turn it off.  Since we're both stubborn we went to be with the light on.  We sure showed each other.  
  • It's time for me to sign off.  I'm tired, and the light's still on....Good Night!

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