Thursday, June 7, 2012

I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!

My oldest.  The boy who made me a mom.  He has my heart.  His excitement excites me.  He has such an innocence to him.  He's compassionate and accepting far beyond his years.  He's observant, and forgets almost nothing.  There's a lot I can learn from him.

He has so many good qualities, but one wee little area we have worked with him on is bravery and boldness.  He has come light years from his toddler days and I chalk a lot of that progress to prayer.

For example, when he was about 3.5 years old, Steven used to toss Little Miss high in the air.  She was 1.5 years old.  He could never throw her high enough.  She'd squeal and laugh and say, "More Daddy.  More."  When Steven would turn to Little Man and ask if he wanted a turn, he would reply, "No Daddy. Too high.  Too dangerous."  I share this story with you so you can fully appreciate what Little Man accomplished this week.

For the past two weeks, Little Miss, Little Man, and Chunky Monkey have been in swim lessons.  The place they are taking lessons have a high dive and a low dive.  He has no issues with jumping of the low dive.  He's been doing jumps of diving boards for 2 years.  However, I wondered what he would do if he had the opportunity to jump off the high dive.  I asked him.

Ah man.  Big mistake.  Not really in asking, but in the timing of asking him...right at bedtime.  He began to fret.  He wanted to do it, but fear was swelling up inside.  He decided that he would climb up to see the height and then climb down if it was too scary.  That didn't really sit well with me.  I told him once he climbed up, he wasn't going to climb back down.  That would allow fear to make his decision instead of doing what he really wanted.  Plus that would be quitting, and the Torres family doesn't quit.  This made him even more upset.  Since I really didn't know what to do, we prayed about it.  Prayed for God to give him strength to accomplish his desire.

The very next day he had the opportunity to jump.

And you know what my boy did?

He marched right up to the top and jumped off.

And do you know what this mama did?

Nothing.  I completely missed the whole thing.  I was keeping my eye on his ornery sister.

I didn't even realize what he had done until after class.  He told me what he did and I thought he was kidding.  Then he began to describe the experience and I realized there would be no way he could tell me what he was telling unless he really DID do it.  I MISSED IT!!!

All I can say is I am one bummed mama, AND tomorrow my eyes will be glued to that boy!  I'm not missing it again.

Seeing it or not, I am so proud of him.  More proud than if Little Miss had done it.  She's a little dare devil so seeing her jump off a high dive is expected.  Little Man...welp...that took some major courage for him.  Courage and bravery that he prayed for.

If you are in my area and are looking for a good program, leave a comment and I will send you the info.  We have been overly impressed with the program.  I am more impressed with this program than with Miller Swim School.  Much more concentrated work for consecutive days, allowing for a submersion type learning.


Rosina said...

Please let me know where you are going. I have some friends doing Miller's now and they are less than impressed and I am now thankful that we decided not to attend. Way to go Little Man!

Anonymous said...

I would love to have the info.

Heartj1633 @ hotmail. com (no spaces). Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would love to know more! My little one is not a fan of the water at all!