Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How Grilled Chicken Improves My Life

Surely I am the ONLY mom who has a crazy busy life.  I assume the vast majority of you readers sip your morning coffee in utter silence if you choose and eat bon-bons each and every afternoon as you watch your children not only clean, but detail every corner of your home.  No?  This isn't how it goes down at your pad?  You also have a crazy busy life?  Ahhhh, then my grilled chicken will improve your life as well.

I'm not going to sit here and pretend I invented an idea that will revolutionize the world in a way we have never experienced, but I do think this may shave some time off your dwelling in the kitchen.  Are you ready for it?  Grilled chicken.

How is grilled chicken going to help me out? you ask.  Well it's not so much the chicken, but how you go about it.

First off, have you heard of Pinterest?  If not, I strongly urge you to NOT join if you value using your time wisely.  However, if you like to live in dreamland and peruse information and how-to's for all facets of life, then yes, check it out.

Now, once you find yourself in the Food and Drink section of Pinterest, then you will undoubtedly find many different ways to marinate chicken before grilling.  Like...

Those are just a few to start with that have a little different flavors for your taste buds. 

You might still be wondering how grilled chicken is going to save you time, but alas, I'm about to share.  Most folks have a down day in the week. For that day have a few bags of chicken thawed.  At our house, I only need two bags to kick out four meals.  I divide the breasts into four large ziplock bags, each with a different marinade (sometimes I just do two marinades depending on what I'm using the chicken for), and allow the breasts to marinade for a couple of hours (at least).  

Then I throw it all on the grill at dinner time.  We go ahead and eat dinner off one of the marinades.  This meal is almost always just a regular breast not used in other recipes and  a few more time consuming sides.  I do this because it's my down day and I have the time to crank out more elaborate meals.

After we have completed our family dinner, I deal with the other chicken breasts.  Usually, these breasts get sliced or diced to go into other meals for the week, or frozen for future use.  I use that meat for chicken to toss on large dinner salads, OR to throw in an Italian or Thai dish, OR to use on a sandwich, OR to use with fajitas, OR..alrighty, you get the point.  It gets used.

Basically, I do all the chicken grilling on one night. It saves me so much time later in the week.  Again, not a head spinning idea, but it helps me nonetheless.  Maybe it will help you.  Or maybe I'm just a loon.  Don't answer that, m-kay?  

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