Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Are We Doing Here?

Photo: Summer fun begins 

Those oldest two.  I think we're on the right track.  That youngest one.  Well, he challenges everything you thought you knew about parenting.  Or maybe you still know about parenting, but he just makes you exercise those parenting skills a little more.  Or maybe you have no idea about parenting...

About that little one.  He has the best qualities.  He is funny beyond his years.  He speaks beyond his years.  He acts beyond his years.  He really wasn't a baby for very long.  He thinks he's just as old, if not older, than his siblings.  He has his own way of wanting to do things.  Which 99.999% of the time is the exact opposite of what I want him to do.  

Most of the time Steven and I find ourselves thinking, "What are we doing here?  Are we raising a leader or a psychopath?"  I've come to realize there is a really really fine line between the two, and often wonder what will become of this little guy if he doesn't learn to be a God fearing boy and moves into teenager world.

Then, like a bolt out of heaven, I came across this post by Jen Hatmaker.  It was such the reassurance that when times with toddlers is rough, there is a purpose for training and the very things you love about them now, and the will you are working so diligently to shape, will produce a stronger love and bond for those precious teenagers.  

I do get excited to see the strong will working for good.  All of our kids have it.  Some more than others, but eventually it will bring a boldness for truth and light and justice for others.  Lord help us to get them there.  We need a lot of wisdom, guidance, grace, mercy...basically, if it comes from God WE NEED IT!

Now this fourth one, God and I have already had many a talks about the easy going behavior he or she will possess.  Along with great sleeping...and no crying...and a love for a car seat.  Amen.

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