Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Torres is Vegas

I coined a new mental picture term thanks to a sweet friend.  Clip Art.  I have so much clip art from Vegas my mental file box can store no more images.  At the airport waiting to fly out I told Erica we were going to pretend to take selfies, but have the camera still facing out so we could snap pics of all the crazies.  That was such a brilliant idea.


You actually get to Vegas and BAM!  There is so much Clip Art you can't possibly direct your phone in the proper directions.  A panoramic shot would shut you down.  It shut me down.  Phew!  I went through a 12 step program to accommodate all the emotions.  It went down like this...

  1. Staring
  2. Mouth Open
  3. Shock
  4. Double Take
  5. Disbelief
  6. Laughter
  7. Wonder
  8. Triple Take
  9. No Words
  10. Hard Swallow
  11. Sadness
  12. Grief
What was especially interesting was Erica's reactions.  Her number one question,

Where does one find a dress like that?

I told her to ask.  After all there were so many 'Less Than A Yard Of Fabric' dresses around that these girls would probably think she was asking so she could buy one.  Heck!  We were in jeans and t-shirts.  The sad part.  We were still offered free drinks, free cover, free, free, free.  I guess being a female qualifies you for free, free, free.  Thank goodness for pregnancy.  Just one point down to the belly and suddenly, these men have the upmost respect for you (yeah right)...

Oh!  I'm sorry ma'am.  You have a wonderful night.

Puh-lease.  This Vegas experience was great Arbonne related.  Out and about, not so much.  I could not get my mind off these people just looking for another fill in their life.  There. Is. So. Much. More. I wanted to squeeze these people faces and tell them.  You were made for more.  You can be more.  You can have more.

See?  There we are rocking our sexy t-shirts and jeans.  MmmmHmmmm.  Looking good.

There were some really good moments.  We woke at 6:00am to run 3 miles of the strip to raise money for an orphanage in Africa.  As we were running, and running the stairs and bridges we came across many homeless still sleeping.  Some just waking up.  It was a great opportunity to show these people that I SEE you!  Whether I thought they were sleeping or not, I spoke to each person.  Some were really knocked out if you know what I mean, and others were shocked someone spoke to them.  Heartbreaking.  Truly heartbreaking.  

We also got to high five a ton of inebriated individuals stunned to see the light of day as the filed out of the casinos, encouraging them to do something powerful with their day.  These poor souls not only realized it was morning but they suddenly found themselves in the midst of 100+ women running the strip.  Their heads were spinning.  Is it bad that I laughed?  (Head hung in shame)

All in all the Arbonne part of Vegas was inspiring and amazing.  The Strip part has given me a lot to think about and how to make a lasting impact in societies like that.  My head is spinning like those people filing out of the casino.

And because I love to shock people, I have a photo for you.  Prepare yourself.  It's frightening...

 It's those crazy Arbonne ladies without their Arbonne products beautifying their faces in the morning. HOWEVER, there is ONE who put on make-up for a 6am run.  That person shall remain nameless, but YOU know who you are...

Be sure to check me out in the front row.  Go ahead...enlarge the pic.  I want you to feel good about yourself!  That's me...exhausted, knocked up, sweaty, haphazard hair, and make-upless.  Consider yourself blessed that this pic does not come with smellvision.  That would push you over the edge.

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