Friday, May 2, 2014

Garage Sale

People, I have treasures.  Treasures I tell you.  I have spent the last week going through closets, cabinets and the attic reminiscing on all of these treasures.  But, it's time to let it go.

 After a few trips to the attic, I realized it's time to downsize the amount of STUFF we stuff in our house.  Time to get it out.  Reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker hasn't helped either.  It's made me realized I've hung onto to stuff just 'in case' I'll ever need it.  If I haven't used it in the last year.  It's gone.

Hence, the teacher stuff that has been chilling in my attic since we moved in.  In fact, it went from the attic of our first home to our attic now.  I have finally come terms with letting it go.  Steven was so excited.  Excited to move my thousand pounds of literature books down.  Excited to move hundreds of pounds worth of educational professional books.  Excited to  He wasn't excited.  He was grumbling.  I think I heard the following lines under his breath a few times...

Once this comes down, it's not going back up.

Didn't I just put this up here?

Wasn't I the one who said not to bring this home from your classroom in the first place?

What do you have in here?

The extremely hilarious part is he has no idea I'm just sorting through the literature books.  There are some I would never get rid of...HELLO!  Who would get rid of The Chronicles of Narnia set, or The Series of Unfortunate Events, or all the Beverly Cleary books.  The kids...neeeeeeed these books.  I neeeeed them to read these books.  It feeds my soul.  I cannot go on if the kids do not love to read these books like me.

How is it that I get off on tangents like this so easily?  Back on track...

I have one thing to share with you.   Amongst all the junk priceless treasures that came out of the attic Steven is having the hardest time letting go of his 2000 tube TV...with remote.  It's important I tell you about the remote.  Apparently, it's the best factory remote that ever came with a television.  He wants me to sell it no less than $25.  After those words came out of his mouth, I could not stop laughing.  Clearly he is delusional.

...and I married him.   This does not bode well for me, does it?

Stay tuned for my garage sale update!  I'm gonna get RICH!!!

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