Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Have Awesome Kids

Do you ever look at your kids and think, "Man, you are awesome."?  As in the kids are awesome.  Not me.  All three have such different personalities.  One keeps us in line, one keeps us entertained, and one keeps us on our toes.  I can't imagine what the fourth will do to us, but they are all awesome.

On Monday, we got to celebrate the achievements of Little Man as his school presented first grade awards in specific areas.  Little Man's teacher was so great to prepare all the kids that not everyone gets an award.  There are just certain areas that are recognized.  Basically, Little Man knew he may not get an award.  Which, when his name was called, made it that much more special.  He was elated.


Little Man received the Social Science award.  I love that his inquiring mind and love of nature was recognized.  A special little niche that not many see in him.  He loves his teacher so much.  She has spent much time pruning and teaching him to flourish.  We are so proud of the boy he continues to grow into daily.

What I loved even more about the awards ceremony was seeing all the other kids shine.  Getting a little glimpse in the areas where his classmates and schoolmates achieved.  I love celebrating kids. 

Little Miss was also excited for the awards because she got to share the same chair as her best school buddy.  These two love all things dresses, sparkly, and princess.  A match made in heaven.


And speaking of Little Miss.  She shared some very good insight into her relationship with her youngest brother.  As they were playing together, she looks at him very seriously and says, "Chubby Cheekers,  I'm actually starting to like you."

Welllll, good to know Little Miss, good to know.  She would definitely be the one who entertains us.  Love that girl and her honesty.

As for the youngest, he keeps us on our toes.  Just the other day he covered himself in mud and then proceeds to tell me he pooped.  That boy knows how to give a mom an instant heart attack.  He also knows how to get himself an instant bath.  


And for the record, that is MUD, not poop.  Phew!  I can't even imagine if it were the latter.  Ewwweeeee! This guy would be the one who keeps us on our toes.

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