Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fizz for Kids

Well, I found another use for Mommy Crack.  Fizz for Kids!  It just doesn't sound right to say Kid Crack.  No, kids do not need crack.  That would be terrible.  Just as terrible as looking into some other sport drinks for Little Man.

As he has entered into a more intense sports world (at age six...I know, crazy), he needed a little more than water at practices and games for refueling.  Steven and I already used Arbonne Fizz Sticks during runs and workouts to refuel.  Given Arbonne is pure, safe, and beneficial it's a much better choice for us to use a vitamin enriched energy drink with electrolytes than the other junk out there.  Frankly, I won't use a pre workout drink other than Fizz Sticks because I don't trust other ingredient lists.

When looking a bit more for our son, I fully trust the Fizz Sticks for Little Man (and sometimes Little Miss when she begs cute enough).  Fizz Sticks have the same caffeine source as green tea, but given all the chemicals and dyes in the other beverage choices out there, we are okay with green tea.  It is a great fit for our family.  All is natural.  He's getting a dose of B6 and B12 vitamins and avoiding artificial colorings.  All around a pretty win-win situation!

So when you see Little Man running around with a large Gatorade bottle or water bottle that is yellow, he's not drinking his pee (another little guy asked him that), he's getting a dose of vitamins and refueling naturally!

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