Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Whatcha Got To Say

Say something and it becomes challenged by the enemy.  I spoke so much of guarding my peace, it became challenged.  Stressful situations were coming out of the woodwork. Chaos surrounded me.  I did not handle it well.

I also had a weekend trip I had earned through Arbonne scheduled for the weekend.  Something I worked very hard for and was excited about.  The joy got robbed there too.

Satan knows how to throw in some nasty curve balls.  If I had followed my feelings, if I had let my head talk me out of staying on track, I would have lost out on exactly what God was trying to teach me.

First off, I'm no respecter of persons.  I respect people.  I just don't respect people because of a title in front of their name.  People are people.  Whether you make $100,000 or $100 a month, I don't really care.  I want to know the character of the person.  When I earned the Rt 66 Challenge, I heard how amazing it was to be at the top Arbonne income earner's home.  I was excited to go and learn from her, but I had no idea it would be so much more.

Although I learned so much about my own business, I learned more about myself.  Everything Satan was working to steal from me. All the joy killing.  All the stress.  It all came to a halt.  Little divine interventions began to unfold.  Little messages came toward me like pieces of a puzzle.  By the end of the weekend, the puzzle pieces were placed and I could see the big picture.  All of it together.  I have a clear direction for areas of my life that needed to be pruned and changed. I also left with changes I couldn't wait to share with my husband and family. 

Arbonne isn't just cosmetics, skin care, and nutrition.  Of course, on the outside they are amazing products that I do enjoy sharing.  However, Arbonne is a vehicle to reach my family's dreams.  Dreams to change the world and the circumstances of this world far beyond the people around me.  Changing lives of people who could never repay me.  Making a lasting, eternal changes in others.

Consider this your warning.  My booty has a fire lit under it like never before.  I see a vision so far beyond me that I will ask anyone, anything Arbonne related.  This Arbonne bus has only begun to take off.  I'd love to take you with me.  Yes, you!  In the back of your mind you may have thought, "Could I do that?  Could I do what she does?"  You know what?  You may have what it takes. I can help you figure that out.  Can I take you out for coffee or tea? Yes, YOU!  Coffee, tea?  Anyone?

On a lighter note, you know how I mentioned I'm not respecter of persons?  I'm still not, BUT I have respect for this woman. 


Not because Cecilia Stoll is the most successful woman EVER in Arbonne, but because of her values and heart. All I know is I will bust my tush to get to her home again next year.  For the growth of my business and for my own personal growth.  I would love to show you how to get there too. 

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