Thursday, October 10, 2013

Be Present

Phone squished between my shoulder and ear, spreading peanut butter on bread, logging in an order, and whispering for child #2 to hurry up get her shoes on her feet.  Four things all at once.  Not really focusing completely on one specific activity.  Not really present.  Hurried.  Busy.  Stressed. 

Am I the only one here?

Life is full.  Life is blessed.  Sometimes those very blessings can be overwhelming if not put in check.  Take my phone for instance.  It is amazing.  Information at my fingertips.  Money saving information.  Maps. The Bible.  So many good things about my phone, but very quickly my good thing can consume me.  It can eat away my time.  I can distract me in the middle of rare, but focused moment.

I found myself in this 'distracting' area a lot lately.  I could be in an in depth meaningful conversation with an adult, and one of my precious, lovely children interrupts with a life-altering situation.  Child 1 has inflicted the worst infliction in the history of infliction on Child 2.  Come to find out Child 1 picked up a toy to play with.  The very toy Child 2 was contemplating using.  Bam. I'm distracted.  I'm no longer focused on the moment with my friend.  I robbed her.  I wasn't present.

Situations like this began to occur more and more.  If I didn't make a conscience decision to make a change, my busyness was only going to get worse.  Even though I realized exactly what was wrong, I had not one clue on how to fix it.  Until...

Until, I took a weekend to quiet myself, shut down my busyness, and listen to what God had to say to me.  Turns out it was two words.  A two word solution. 

Be Present.

Nothing profound.  Nothing seemingly life-altering.  Just the simplicity of being present.  That's what I love about God.  He's not complicated.  We make things complicated.  He simplifies.
So here I am working on being present.  If it is time with my kids.  That's where you will find me.  Focused solely on them.  Phone put away.  iPad away.  Friends away.  Kids up close and my attention on them. I'm working on this for all areas of my life.  My phone doesn't interrupt me.  It has it's place, and when I have to use it the kids understand.  We had our uninterrupted time.  A short 30 minutes of phone calls or Arbonne work isn't such a big deal anymore.  Instead they hear, "Mommy has a few phone calls to make.  I will be focused just on who I am speaking with.  Is there something you need before I call?"  And then I am present in what I'm doing at that exact moment.

For most of you, this is probably a, "Seriously, she spent time writing about this?"  For me, this has been a struggle.  I am so much of a multi-tasker that if I am not working on 3 things at one time, I am wasting time.  Focusing on being present has allowed me to be a better mom, a better business woman, a better wife, a better friend.  That's what I love about God's wisdom.  It teaches me to be better.  The better I am, the better I am able to serve others.

So I'll close with this.  I am not one to drop pics of myself.  I see beautiful pics of my friends, but I just feel awkward posting pics of myself.  On the other hand, I want my kids to have tangible memories of their mom.  Our everyday moments captured in pic.  A pic with me in it.  Even if it means a no make-up selfie on the floor.
My Baby Cakes


My Kissy Cuddly Princess

I still have to tackle the oldest football lovin' boy to get a pic with him.  He's too busy running routes out back with his daddy to sit a moment with his mom.  I guess that's all the more reason to capture those rare moments with him.

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