Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Miss Turns 5!

Like all parents, I remember this as if it were yesterday...

{Little Miss @ 2 months...Little Man at 2 years}

Look how little they were.  Look at Little man.  So proud to hold her hand.  Since she was born, he knew she was something special.  She's the spice to our life, but also the sweetness in this crazy world of boys.  She gives the best kisses and cuddles like nobody else.  She is as girly as they come, with a flare of tomboy.  Give her a princess dress and a mud puddle and she is a happy little thing.

It seemed like I blinked and we were celebrating her turning one. 


 Then TWO...

Then THREE...

Then FOUR...

I can recall the time I actually thought to myself, Five. When she turns five, she will be old.

She's now five.  Whaaaaa!  She isn't really old, but reminiscing through these photos certainly reminds me that my time with her is precious.  Our lives really are but a mist.  Children allow us to see that more readily.


Little Miss, you are turning into a beautiful little girl.  You've lost your baby face, but we see it.  You will always be our little girl.  You will always be loved and protected by all the boys in your life.  You will always be our princess.  You are bold and strong and determined and funny and spunky.  We love your laugh when you get really tickled and all the random things you say.  You are you and that's what we love.  We can't wait to see how you continue to grow and take ownership of your place in this world.  We know it will be nothing less than bold.  We love you!

Mom, Dad, Little Man, and Chubby Cheekers

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