Thursday, November 1, 2012

He's Selfless

When you live with a person you tend to overlook the amazing things about them.  Your days get filled up so fast and stopping to recognize the attributes in your spouse falls to the wayside.  I admit.  I'm really bad about this, but I really believe in the 'Better Late Than Never' policy.  So here it goes.

One of the reasons I married Steven was because of his heart towards the establishment of family.  We both have strong beliefs on spending time together as a family.  Because of those beliefs, we have little time for our personal hobbies.  However, there are two things that Steven enjoys doing more than anything.  Thing #1:  Competing.  Thing #2:  Football.

One of the things Steven competes at is running races.  He doesn't just run for the enjoyment of the race, but to win.  He has yet to place first, but he is getting closer.  Just check this out...
Photo: That's my husband!

Yep, that would be my husband coming in 2nd in his age group.  He was 37th overall in the 5k race. 37th out of 2,619 runners.  That's a pretty big accomplishment for an old man with three bambinos.

Although I'm extremely proud of his accomplishment, what makes me even prouder is his selflessness.  When wanted to run the 15k, then he looked at the calendar.  It was Little Man's last flag football game at 10am.  He knew there was no way he could do the 15k that began at 9:00am and make it to the game in time.  So he signed up for the lesser race.  No questions asked.  No complaining.  Nothing.

Later that evening we attended our church's Fall Festival for the kids.  There were blow-ups, bonfires, marshmallow roasting, hay mazes, corn dogs, and lots of other things.  The festival began at 7pm.  You know what else began at 7pm?  The Notre Dame/OU game.  We aren't really OU fans.  We root for them, but have no connection to the school.  Notre Dame, however, is a different story.  That is Steven's go-to college team.  They rank right under the Chicago Bears (which Bears game days are sacred moments at our house).  

When I realized the Fall Festival was the same day as the ND/OU game, I cautiously asked Steven if it would be okay to stay after church for the kids to do some of the activities.  He didn't even bat an eye.

Of course.  Why wouldn't we.

Uh, obviously he didn't realize the scheduling conflict.

Babe, it's the same time as the game.

I watched to see if his face would get all wrinkly.  It didn't.

I know.  The kids will have fun at the festival and I can get updates on my phone.

And that is precisely why I tricked him into marrying me.  He is pretty selfless when it comes to things he wants for himself.  He knew how much going to the festival meant to the kids.  The memories were way more important than sitting in front of the TV.  

{Steven on the left. Rene on the right.}

So I guess I'm here to say that I appreciate you, babe.  You make me a proud wife.  You are selfless.  I love you.

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