Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Football Training Camp Party

Travel Clue #1: Abraham Lincoln
Travel Clue #2: What you talkin' about Willis?
Travel Clue #3: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Immediately after Little Man's 5th Birthday, The Outdoor Movie Party, he already had his sights set on his 6th birthday bash.  He wanted a Chicago Bears party.  Now I could have just purchased Chicago Bears cups, plates, and napkins and called it good, but what fun would that be?  Yeah, none.  So Steven and I came up with a Training Camp Party.  It was a lot of fun for kids and parents.  I will surely do it again when Chubby Cheekers gets older.  Here are the details if you have a little guy who loves football.

Schedule of Party:

  • Players (party guests) get checked-in.  This is where you hand them their player passes and apply their blackout tattoos.
  • Players are then guided to the field outside to make their team pennant.  This allows some filler time while you wait for all guests to arrive.
  • Once all guests have arrived the coach (my husband) blows his whistle to begin the training camp.
  • Drills are as follows:  Speed Ladder, Broad Jump, Pass Accuracy, and Shuttle Run.  Kids' times, jumps, and throws are recorded on their player passes.
  • Cake and Presents Break.
  • Then the after party game begins.  Our original plan was to have Jock Jams playing and each 'player' introduced so they could run onto the field in style, but I forgot to get out the iDock.  Would have been a super cool touch though :(
  • Kids play flag football.
  • Kids go home with a Gatorade and Snickers bar for their party favor.
  • The end.
What You'll Need:
  • Lanyards for Player Passes (Oriental Trading Co)
  • Cardstock for Player Passes (Hobby Lobby)
  • Foam Pennants (Oriental Trading Co)
  • Foam Stickers and Markers (I forgot to set out the markers too. Bad Mommy.) (Oriental Trading Co)
  • Spray Paint for the field. (Lowe's)
  • Speed Ladder 
  • Hula Hoops for Pass Accuracy
  • Cones and footballs for Shuttle Run
  • Gatorade and Snickers Bars 
  • Tables for Pennant Projects(Oriental Trading Co)
  • Blackout Tattoos (Oriental Trading Co)
Party Pics (I feel all sorority like):

{Player Check-In Station}

{Player Passes}

 {Broad Jump}

{Shuttle Run}

{Pass Accuracy}

{Speed Ladder}

{Cake Break on the field}

{The Game}

{Inside Decor...excuse the sign that was thrown up there 5 minutes before guests arrived.  It was either spend time on the sign or give Chubby Cheekers the Milk Twins.  Chubby Cheekers won out.)

{The Cake...I'll share how I did it tomorrow}

That's really all there was to it.  Super fun for little boys, and super fun to plan!
Feel free to steal.  Goodness knows I've stolen lots of ideas over the years. 

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Alice said...

very cute Amanda!!

I can't believe Steven let you use spray paint on the grass. I think you mentioned before that he is very proud of his yard. LOL!

I am throwing Colton a baseball party in February and will definitely steal some of these ideas. Did the spray paint come out easily or is it still there?