Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cheap Decorations

It's no secret my love affair with Pinterest.  It makes my life so simple. One place with all the websites to help cook, organize, save money, plan parties, and inspire me to update and decorate my house.  It's an amazing, amazing thing.

Last Christmas I saw an idea of using tomato cages and a string of lights to make outdoor ornamental Christmas trees.  There was one problem.  Tomato cages aren't readily in stock in December.  Go figure!  We did without last year.

Summertime rolled around and the last thing I was thinking about was Christmas Trees.  I was thinking about poolside, sun, sprinklers, and lemonade.

As summer faded it briefly crossed my mind to see if any hardware stores had any tomato cages left, but with school starting I never followed through.

Fast forward to the present and I was left without any tomato cages.  Again.  That's when you call your mama.  Mamas make it all better.  Thanks Mom for the tomato cages.  Your favorite son-in-law thinks these add the perfect touch to his increasingly strong desire to rival a Clark Griswold home.  Each year more gets added.  I fear for our future.  Unless I can entertain him with the idea of using materials my mom we already have in stock.

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