Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Little Man

Travel Clue #1:  Abraham Lincoln
Travel Clue #2:  What you talkin' about Willis?

My boy turned 6 last week.  Since we were all down with the stomach bug, we didn't get to celebrate in our usual fashion on his day.  Instead, we all healed up and focused on his party day (more on that tomorrow).  Today I want to celebrate him.

{Little Man, age: 6}

Gosh, he's handsome. He is a small replica of his father which is totally a good thing.  We need more men in this world like Steven and Little Man is rising to the challenge.  There are so many things that are special about him.  Things that make me proud to be his mother.

Little Man is a rough and tough boy, but he is a METRO MINI MAN!  He likes his clothes clean and crisp.  His father irons his school clothes every night with his work clothes.  They both like creases.  He wants to smell good and thanks to his Grammy Yoly, he does.  She buys him cologne or body spray every year for his birthday.  He cares about his appearance.  Every morning before school he washes his own face and makes sure I get his hair just right.  

On the inside he's even better.  One thing that is big in our house is how you treat others.  Little Man has his moments, but he treats his siblings with love.  If he receives an award or special treat, the thought of keeping it for himself never happens.  Almost instinctively, he passes half to his sister.  When it comes to Chubby Cheekers, he is a protector.  He makes sure he's taken care of and entertains him when he's sad...or mad.  He contains such compassion for others, it astounds me at times.  Definitely one of his God given gifts.  

Little Man, we love you very much.  You were created special.  You make us proud!

Mom and Dad

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