Friday, March 16, 2012

Missed a Few

Did you know there was a Wednesday and Thursday this week?  I guess I didn't.  Actually, I did.  I just didn't have anything to say in written form.  That's a cop out.  I had plenty to say, but the weather got me.  It was way too much fun hanging outside with the kids.  I think my laptop felt a bit neglected because she was quite testy when I blew off the dust and booted her up.  She'll get over it.

Yesterday was a big day at the Casa de Torres.  It was an anniversary at our house.  Yes, some time ago in a land not so far away I convinced Steven to let me walk down an aisle in a white dress while he stood down at an altar.  We exchanged some mushy gushy vows and started our married life together.  We have been married this long...

2(5 x 2) - X = 11

You didn't think I'd just tell you how long we'd been married, did you?

Okay, so I realize basic Algebra can throw any non-Math person for a loop, so here's an easier one...

(3 x 5) - 6 = ?

Is that better???

If not, try this one...

5 + 4 = ?

Surely you know by now!  Yes, we've been married for nine wonderful years.  I'm sure glad I conned this man into marrying such a basket case... 

{Steven with his youngest son}

 He's given me many years of happiness and three precious kids.  Steven, if you're reading this, you make me happy.  I love you!

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jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

Hope you had a wonderful Anniversary! What a blessing to have a great life partner!