Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Family Tradition

For a few generations my mom's side of the family has always welcomed a new baby with a basic quilt made by the family.  Each woman is mailed a piece of muslin with a pattern and embroidery thread.  Then they back stitch the pattern and mail it back to my grandma.  She pieces them together.  This year my mom had the honor of helping her.  I hope one day to have the honor of helping my mom when Little Man, Little Miss, and Littlest Man have their own children.

For many reasons, Littlest Man's quilt took a bit longer.  I like to call it the 'Third Child Prevention'.  Life just gets busy and getting out of the house to pick out the thread and fabric takes time.  I think I was 8 months preggo when my mom and I finally started shopping.  It's a complete miracle that Littlest Man's quilt was finished this past week.

 The finished product.  Soft, cuddly, and made with lots of love.  

Below is and example of the embroidery.  It's nothing complicated, but each square has a special purpose.  The woman who made it puts her initials on the square.  The one pictured, cousin's wife did.  She always does a beautiful job, even though she's rockin' four girls at home!

A special thanks to all the women who took time to make Littlest Man's blanket so special.  We love the finished product!


Ashley said...

Well I am curious about the other two now!! Unless you have shared them here before and i just haven't seen them! Kiera has a couple blankets theat were made for her too. My favorite is a pink baby afgan (sp?) made by a great great great aunt!!!

Jesse @ goodgirlgoneglad said...

That is so special! Love it!