Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Little Quirk

There are some things about me that are just plain weird.  Like I find it sacrilegious to have your toilet paper pull from the underneath side.  It must go over.  Never, ever under.  I also have another weird one...

Milk.  It can only come from one place if you expect me to drink it.  I am a milk snob.  I will not shop the sales or use coupons to get the cheapest milk.  I have to have Braum's skim milk.  Nothing else will do.  The rest just taste sour or spoiled.

You will never catch me ordering a milk at a breakfast place or grabbing a jug at the donut shop.  In fact, I will only drink milk out of my own fridge or my mom's (she's a Braum's snob too).  If Braum's were to go out of business, I would have withdrawals.  Probably bodily convulsions would be involved.

I've even ruined my son.  He tried another top brand of milk, took one sip, and told me it didn't taste right.  In fact he said, "Mom, I think this milk is bad.  It taste yucky."  I wasn't sure if I should feel sorry for him because he is now limited to his milk selections, or if I should jump for joy because he's made such a great decision at a young age.  All I know is I must be doing something right if he is a milk snob too.

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Alice said...

the only skim milk I can bring myself to drink is Skim Delight. I think it is by Borden's?