Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Big Secret

Last August Steven and I made a decision that would impact our family greatly.  It has been something that I have mentioned a few times that we were saving for, but I wasn't ready to share until I had a good story to tell.  For the most part, our story has come to an end and I'm ready to share how one big decision made from uncertainty has turned to a story with answers.

Shortly after Little Man began Kindergarten, we decided it would be his last year in public school.  We did not have a negative experience in public school (we loved his teacher), but we both wanted something a bit different for our children.  Public school wasn't going to get us what we were looking for.  I bet you're wondering if I am homeschooling.  I'm not.  So that leaves us with one other option.  Private school.  Little Man and Little Miss will be attending private school this Fall.

Your next question...How are they going to afford that?  I love that question.  We wondered the same thing last August when we made the decision.  Almost a year later, I have an answer for you.  Back in August I just had a plan and a whole lot of faith.  I love how God works.

So many events have taken place after we made the decision to send our kids to a specific school.  I want you to know that sometimes you take the leap first.  Our desire for the kids to go to the school we chose is for them to fully understand that when you are submissive to God's plan, you will be the most successful.  The Creator of your life will guide you to His plan, and His plan is a plan for success and making a difference for greater good.

After our leap, so many things began to happen that still blow my socks off.  Without going on and on and on, I'll give you the cliff notes version.
  • We were introduced to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University.  This program did not increase our funds, but it did teach us to monitor every single dollar coming in and going out.  It gave us the discipline to save more. 
  • We received a larger than normal tax refund.  We put that directly into savings.  Keeping our eye on the prize. 
  • Steven's boss took another job, opening up his position to Steven.  He has not been hired for the job, but is currently in the acting role.  This brings in additional money we were not counting on.  All of that has gone to savings.
  • I said yes to network marketing.  I am so glad I did.  This month alone, I will be able to save an additional $1,000. 
All of these extras blessings we never saw coming have been amazing to look back on.  Not only are we prepaying for this year's tuition, but we already have a great headstart on next year's tuition.  I tell you this not for bragging purposes, but to encourage you.  Maybe there is an area in your life that you know needs a change.  Maybe you're wondering how it will be done.  You can commit to the change and trust God will see you through.  If I have learned anything since quitting my job as a teacher 5 year ago, it's this.  God is faithful.  He will not lead you down a path to fail.  He leads you to success.  It stretches you in ways that are uncomfortable, but in the end you look at the road you've traveled and you can't believe it.  What you thought was bumpy and windy, was actually the road to your success.  You hopped over those bumps and took the turns to find a you were being led to the most glorious place.

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