Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Fun Daddy

Last night was a split family night.  We all meet for dinner, then we split.  The boys go home and I take Little Miss to her gymnastics class.  It's a great 45 minutes of absolute MOMMY TIME!  I get to sit and work on whatever I'd like, or simply chat with other moms.  Then gymnastics is over.  Little Miss and I load up and head home to our boys.

The street we live on is pretty long and we live at the very top.  It's not a cul-de-sac, but pretty close to it.  We know which cars drive all the way to the top of the street and which ones will turn.  Basically, I tell you this because...wait for it...we let our kids play in the street.  Ah, the horror of it all!

Anyway, playing in the street is such a small part of my story.  It just happens to be where my boys were as we were driving up the street.  My boys and a few other neighborhood kids.  Steven had organized a baseball game.  When they were tired of that, they had out fishing poles.  Steven had drawn a pond in the street for the kids to cast in.  Eventually, little fish got drawn in as well so the kids could cast and catch the pretend fish.

Not often enough do I take time to thank him for being such a fun, playful dad.  The kids get so excited when he gets home from work.  He thinks of the best games to play, and leaves not one kid out.  Ever.  He makes sure all the kids on our street have the opportunity to play if they want to.  He even worked with our precious neighbor on riding his bike.  He only wanted Mr. Steven to do it.

Steven makes me proud and I just wanted to let the world know.  I know I'm a lucky girl.  I definitely married up.  Now, when I get irritated with him, someone please redirect me to this post.  Sometimes we forget what we have.

Thanks, Babe for being so awesome.  

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