Friday, July 12, 2013

Family Field Trip Part II

Our main purpose for traveling up I-44 last weekend was not to reminisce of old times.  It was to visit my grandparents.  My grandma just got herself set up in an upscale apartment, and my grandpa was accepted into the VA in Mt. Vernon, MO.  I have so many good memories of my grandparents and I love that the kids know Mimi and Great-Grandpa.

Mimi showed off the kids to all her new friends and gave us a tour of her new place.  I have to say I was quite impressed with the restaurant and activities she has right there on site.  Not to mention the beauty of the place.

When it was time to visit my grandpa, he treated all of us to ice cream.  Of course, the kids LOVED that.  I have some pretty special grandparents.  They have really set a great example of how to manage money, but erring on the side of giving to others all the time.  I wish everybody had the opportunity to experience grandparents like mine.

Aside from visiting my grandparents, we also took advantage of Springfield, MO wonderful parks.  Our usual spot is a giant rock climbing, running trail, pond with ducks, and playground a couple of miles from the house.  This time we visited Wilson-Rutledge City Farm Park.  It is completely run by Springfield's Parks Department.  It is one of a kind and a HUGE hit with the kids.  They are already asking to go back.

My baby with the baby goats.  I think he liked them.  A lot.

Climbing fences are a must.  Even if it says, "Do not climb the fence."

One of these days I will get a perfect picture of those 3!

This is how you milk a cow, right?  We actually have dairy farmers in our family and I am quite certain they would shake their heads looking at this photo.

Needless to say, if you are ever in Springfield, MO this is the place to be.  The highlight of the trip was watching the gigantic sow poop.  Yes, you read that right.  My highly educated and mature family watched the pig poop.  We laughed, said, "ewww", and almost took a picture of it.  Glad I didn't get that one, huh?

Enjoy your Friday!!!  See you next week.

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