Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Little Miss had her first event that brought out the family.  Her very first dance recital.  She looked so beautiful.  Moments like this make me so thankful for the little beauty in my life.  So much of my day is surrounded by balls, action figures, sports, bombing noises, dirt, wrestling, and tackles.  It is nice to have a day where I get to see my princess dress up.

Although the whole dance recital process is long and drawn out, looking at her made it worth it.  She had her moment to shine. Her moment where all the attention was focused on her.  Below is a pic of her at rehearsal before taking the stage. I just wanted a quick pic and she posed for me.  Nope, she wasn't in her element at all.  Who am I kidding?  She thought she was Queen Bee.


Besides her opportunity to dance on the big stage and lights, Little Miss was most excited about receiving flowers.  After the show she kept asking where her flowers were.  I guess she's watched Barbie and the Nutcracker one too many times because she thought Daddy and Grammy were going to throw flowers to her on the stage.  I felt bad that I didn't prepare her better.  She was disappointed.  Disappointed until she saw the two bouquets of flowers.  All hope was restored in Daddy and Grammy.

Little Miss was also excited to dance with her friend, Lilli.  Lilli's mom and I have known each other for a long time.  She has two precious girls and Little Miss LOVES spending time with them.  As you can tell from the pic below.

I promise she is not putting her friend in a headlock.  That's just the kind of hug she knows after hanging out with her brothers and boy cousins.  I guess I should teach her proper girl hugging techniques before she attends school next year.

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