Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dashing Through the Mud

Why is it that Dashing through the snow, sounds so much better than Dashing through the mud?  Or in this case mud, rocks, sticks, and manure.

Last Saturday, Steven and I along with a group of friends and family complete the OK Warrior Dash.  I signed up for this event a long, long time before (like 9 months) and set a goal.  I wanted to finish the entire 3.1 mile obstacle run in under 50 minutes.  It is said that the average person completes the race in about an hour.  Since I wanted to be above average, I set my goal at 50 minutes.

During the actual race I was pretty irritated.  It was hot and humid and I loathe running in heat.  I get mad.  So there I was running through someone's ranch that had brush hogged a path for runners, sticks sticking up everywhere, tons of rocks, cow patties on my left and right, AND I was hot.  This made for an unhappy Amanda Torres.  However, I kept focused on moving because I had one chance to beat my goal.  I didn't want to fail.

Thankfully, our friends Jeff and Kristi started us out with a super fast pace.  It helped keep us on track the entire time.  Not to mention Steven slowed his uber fast pace down to slacker level so we could be together.  He stayed just a few feet in front of me to keep me moving.  Once we came to the first obstacle after about 1.5 miles, I was in a groove and looked forward to the next obstacle.  Until we came to a pond and I realized we would be swimming through that pond.  The pond that probably had snakes, leaches, and other creatures ready to dine on my filthy body.  Not to mention my shoes were about to be drenched making it even harder to run.

I guess I should note that I may be a bit of a diva runner.  I kept thinking, "Where is the finish and why did I sign up for this?"  You think I'm kidding?  I'm not.  I was pissy.

Then we rounded a corner and I heard the music and saw people.  Yes.  The finish was there.  I leaped over the two fire obstacles and crossed the finish line just a few steps behind Steven.  Then I tried to figure out if I beat my goal.  There was no time at the finish and Steven's watch stopped mid-race.  I would have to wait for the online results.  Fooey!

As Steven and I hung out around the finish line waiting for our friends and family, I began to feel pretty good about the race.  Then my mind played a little trick on me.  Mud caked and nasty I had a thought,  That was fun.  Really.  I thought that.  After the pain and suffering and heat and manure and mud, I realized it actually like the feeling of accomplishment more than the suffering.  I guess I'll be doing it again next year.

And for those of you wondering how nasty one can be from a race, here's a visual.

{L to R: Steven, me, Kristi, Jeff, Lindsay, Rene}

You see that tank top I'm holding up to cover up with?  It was white.  Pretty gross, huh?  

You see that guy next to me?  He's my baby daddy.  Pretty hot, huh?
He's gonna kill me ;)

And, if you're wondering if I beat my goal.  I did!  By almost 14 minutes!!!  I was shocked and excited.  Final time 36:25.  I finished 17th out of 1050 in my age group.  That was also a big shocker.  I guess all that suffering was worth it.  Hard work pays off and is worth it!  Whatever you are challenged with today, put in your hard work and reap the rewards.  There are very few things that feel better than accomplishments.  Accomplish something today!

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