Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Work Behind the Money

Before I even start this post I have to share I successfully completed my first day having five children under the age of five under one roof.  Little Man was gone for part of the day, but the babies did great.  I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to know my nephews closely.  They are such precious gifts.
Photo: The little crew http://instagr.am/p/MmcX_-hsxb/

Little Man acquired his first card a couple of weeks ago.  A library card. Since my mom likes to spoil the kids, she took him THAT day to get a wallet to hold his card.  He was so proud to slide that card into his Lightning McQueen wallet.  My mom also handed him a dollar and some change to add to it.  Then he turned to me and said, "Mom can I have some money?"

Our kids don't go without around here.  We are able to provide for all of their needs and a lot of their wants, but we don't go around handing out money for no reason.  It was time for a little lesson on earning.  As I was talking with him about doing chores to earn money.  He was quick to respond that he could get paid to pick up his toys.


He was missing the point.  We expect him to pick up after himself.  After a bit of explanation on his responsibilities vs. working towards earning cash, we decided that if he made his bed for a week without prompting he would earn a dollar.  Now, Little Man's bed is not easy to make.  It's a chore for me to make it.  For him to do it, it would be real work.   As far as him earning a dollar, the task wasn't about the amount of money he would be earning, it was just about earning.  He has no need to have excessive cash.  The boy is only five and has a nice stash already in his Mason Jar (it never dawned on him to take cash out of that jar to add to his wallet).

Long story short, he made his bed for a straight week and earned his dollar.  I was really proud to hand him what he earned.  He did the work and stuck with the tasks, and then his little sister started whining that she wanted a dollar too.  She wanted money for doing nothing at all.  I started to talk with her about why she wasn't going to get any money and Little Man pulls the dollar out of his wallet and gives it to her.

My heart melted.  What a selfless act.  He has a heart like nothing I could have put in him.  He has something   that only God could have put in his little spirit.  It amazes me.

Unfortunately for his sister, I made her give it back.  He earned his money, and he was going to keep it.  We encourage giving around here, but this was a time for him to enjoy the fruits of his labor.  Little Miss is going to have to learn that lesson too!

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