Friday, July 27, 2012

The Middle Child

Little Miss.  My only precious little girl in a world of boys.  Two brothers. Two boy cousins. Boy, girl, boy, boy, boy.  That's the order of her in the boy world.  On so many levels she fits right in.  Just yesterday she was working with a shovel showing the boys how to dig a good hole in the empty lot near us.  She was the dirtiest of them all and it didn't phase her one bit. Two hours later she was playing dress up with her Minnie doll.  She's a tom boy and girly-girl all wrapped up in one spunky body.

My Tom Boy.  Notice she wanted her shoes off.  Not five seconds after I snapped this did she have a fist full of mud making a mud castle.  She was also torturing her brother by pretending to chunk mud at him.  She's an ornery one.

My Girly Girl.  She enjoyed the make-up, crown, pretty dress, and sparkly shoes more than the candy.  She whirled and twirled the entire night and looked to Steven for approval.  He's a good daddy for a girl.  She doesn't get overlooked him, and she knows it.


She's such a perfect blend of sugar and spice.  She's sassy, but sweet.  Loving, but ornery.  She's daring, but...daring.  She's a little risk taker and fears few things.  She's a...she's a...she's a little replica of me.  God knew what he was doing when he gave us just one girl.  She's all the girl we could handle.  Thankfully, she's got part Daddy in her too.  The world would be a bit scary if there were two of me.  You all know what I'm talking about!

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Ashley said...

My girl is just like this and I love it! She dress up in the morning and then goes to play in the mud in the afternoon. She is just like me but also like her Dada. She is exatly what I wanted in a daughter and I think I am pretty lucky that she is all mine.