Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thoughts on CFA and Ellen

I am under no illusion that this post is controversial.  I try very hard to avoid controversy. I don't like drama, but sometimes I speak out. Now is one of those times.

I'm pretty sure you all know I'm a Christian.  I spend a great deal of time working to live similar to how Jesus lived on this Earth, demonstrating love, compassion, and sharing truth.  Jesus rarely showed anger (there was the one time in the temple).  He showed love and truth.  He corrected with truth and love. I am far from being just like Jesus, but I try.

In light of Don Cathy's, owner of Chick-fil-a (CFA), statement regarding not support gay marriage, I've read so many things that slap my Jesus, my God, and other Christians in the face.  I have a problem with that.  Just as I would have a problem with someone spreading non-truths about my friends or family.

Honestly, I don't care if you are a customer of Chick-fil-a or not.  We are.  We love Chick-fil-a, but I don't care if you do.  It's not about supporting a business or not supporting. It's about truth.

I am a believer that the Bible is true.  The whole entire Bible.  Not just the parts I want to be true.  There are times I discover new truths in the Bible and it has me adjusting the way I think and the way I conduct myself. Since I believe the entire Bible is true, I do not feel like I get to pick and choose what I want to follow.  Hence, I am the one who changes.  Not the Bible.

There are a lot of misconceptions about people who follow Christ, mainly because there are a few crazies that call themselves 'christians', and don't live the Christian life.  I am by NO means perfect, but I do try to live what I believe.  As far as gay marriage, I believe it's wrong, just as I believe cheating on your spouse (physically or emotionally) is wrong.

I know many gay/lesbian people.  Do I hate them?  Not at all.  I know many people who have cheated on their spouses.  Do I hate them?  Not at all.  Both groups of people made their choices (yes, I believe in both cases you choose to do what your flesh wants).  I love both groups of people as individuals, but I hate the sin.  Love the sinner, hate the sin.  There is such a love.  I promise.  Others would like to classify me as a judgemental hater, and there is little I can do to change their mind.  I'm okay with that.  I'll just continue to try and live as closely as how Christ lived, and let that be my action to show others.  After all, talk is cheap.

Now that I've given you my Biblical stance on marriage, I want to talk about Ellen.  Is she a lesbian?  Yep.  Do I boycott her show?  Nope.  In fact, I find her show very entertaining.  My sister-in-law (also containing the exact same beliefs as me) and I dream of going to one of her live shows.  It's on our bucket list.  There are many things I love about Ellen.  I love her giving spirit.  She has blessed and continues to bless a lot of people and organizations in need.  I may not agree with her lifestyle, but I don't hate her.  I don't hate her show.

And now, my controversial post is over.  Whew!  I welcome any comments you have on this matter, but they must be respectful.  If not, I will delete them, because I am the author of this blog and what I say goes.  Ahhh, I just love power!!!! ;)


Alice said...

I believe gays should be given the same rights as you and I. Obviously, I'm not married and I haven't been, maybe I will be one day who knows. But straight people who are married and say they are Christians get divorced a lot these days. (NOT ALL, and I can't quote the divorce statistics right now, but I know it's high).  My opinion is I just don't see the harm that comes from gay marriage. And I won't stop eating chick-fil-a despite his views because that food is like crack!!

Mom said...

You have spoken truth. I'm proud of you, the message you shared, and blessed by your commitment to do as the Lord leads.

Katie said...

Hi Amanda, I stop by your site quite often. You seem like a great mom! However, I'm going to disagree with you. The reason I feel strongly about speaking out against this, is because I want people who might read your blog to know there is a different opinion from a follower of Christ. There are those of us on the left. If the bible is literal, which I believe it is not, then eating shellfish is a mortal sin as stated in Leviticus and if a woman is not a virgin when she marries she shall be stoned to death. As we have all eaten shrimp in the past few months and we aren't currently stoning anyone, we need to move past the literal. Historical Jesus actually never mentioned homosexuality. He spoke on loving possessions and money being 'sin.' My main man JC would never hold a a bible above his head and codemn or judge. As far as gay marriage, I'm all for it. Discriminating against the homosexual community is the same as discriminating against someone because of their skin color. Not so long ago we enslaved other men and women because of the color of their skin. It is the same as coming out and saying, "Well, I know some people are black, but I disagree with being black, it is wrong." Same thing for the homesexual community. We have made great strides in love in regards to race, we will do the same in regards to homophobia. Some Christians make the book an idol. WE don't worship the bible, we follow Christ. Remember, JC didn't write the book, He just stars in it. When the bible was put together hundreds of books were left out, there were men sitting around a table, guards at the door and they had 24 hours to put the bible together. At the end of the 24 hours, the guards came in and took what is now our bible. These are first century people. We must evolve past the literal. It is a Holy book, it is to be taken serious, it is not meant for the literal. Read the histories and educate yourself, use your God given mind for questioning. As for me I choose love, to follow the teachings of Christ and to never judge. He died for us, for all of us, no one is excluded ever. Just my two cents. Hope it was respectful enough. I tried to be. Represent the Christian Left.

amanda torres said...

Oh goodness...

I agree with a few of your points...the Bible was written by man (but breathed by God)...some parts of the Bible were written for specific groups of people for their own protection (like your reference to Leviticus)...slavery and seeing others color is wrong...J

Areas I disagree with...Jesus himself did not discuss homosexuality, but he did speak on the truths of his father, God who is the author of marriage and human relationship. I believe the Bible to be true. It is powerful. I don't see how the definition of marriage should be looked at figuratively.

I am by no means trying to change your mind. You sound very set in your ways as am I. I strongly believe there is a difference between hate and not accepting a clearly defined Biblical sin that is referenced many times throughout the Old and New Testament. Just as I hate divorce and what it does to children and families, I do not hate divorcees. No way. They are precious.