Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The ladies of Rhea Lana of South Tulsa asked a few weeks ago if I would advertise their sale.  I've had the opportunity to do it for their last two sales, but this is the first time I have consigned with them.  Today, I wanted to do my own personal review outside of advertising.

A couple of years back, I consigned with Just Between Friends in Tulsa.  I had a good experience, but it was a lot of work.  Despite the amount of time I spent chasing down the right kind of hangers, safety pins, tags and clear packaging tape, then tagging and securing each item, I would do it again...

...but then I was introduced to Rhea Lana of South Tulsa.  I was familiar with the name of the sale and equated it to 'just another JBF', until my glorious neighborhood gal pal, Erica, taught me otherwise.

As we speak I am prepping my Rhea Lana of South Tulsa items.  I find it to be so much easier, and here's why...

  • I don't have to pin my items to the hanger to prevent theft, and ALL my items labeled in the store are guaranteed!  If it gets lost or stolen, I get paid like it was sold.
  • Entering the items are a cinch.  You are given options in drop down menus.  I did this on my iPad.  Touch, touch, touch, done!  No typing!
  • As I'm entering my item, I put a string tag on my item and number it.  That's all I have to do.  They'll print the labels at the store to put on my numbered string tag. I can't tell you how frustrating it was to print out my own tags on cardstock, pin the cardstock to my item, and then put packaging tape over the pin.  Tagging just got soooo much easier and faster.
  • I automatically get 70% of my sale price, and there are options to earn a higher percentage. 
  • The consigning fee is only $7.50.
  • The sale is a store front, not a gigantic warehouse.  I know all my hard work in prepping my items will not go unnoticed.  There's no way my items will get overlooked.
I could go on and on about why I'm loving this sale, but I won't.  Next week, I'll share specific info about the sale and a few weeks from now I get to do a giveaway.  I don't want to give too many clues, so I'll just give you a two word hint.  Are you ready?  Gift. Certificate.  Hope you can figure that one out!

Now, my amigos, if you decide to consign with Rhea Lana of South Tulsa for the first time, would you tell them I sent you.  If I get 5, only FIVE, people to mention me (and they bring at least 15 items to the sale) then I get 80% of my sale price.  Hello, my name is Amanda Torres and I'm begging you to mention me.  Come on peeps!  I've got a ton of baby girl and maternity stuff I'm unleashing and I'd like to make as much as I can.

I Have No Shame


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