Friday, July 13, 2012

Not Too Bad

I'm rounding out my second successful week of entertaining and caring for five kids.  I honestly thought the first six months with the babies and three older kids would leave me completely exhausted and frazzled by the end of each day.  It hasn't.  In fact, I've really enjoyed my time with them.  Maybe because I know these are the LAST babies for our families.  I'm trying to cherish every single moment.  Even the poopy ones.  Literally.  The poopy ones.  No pun intended!

I know there are a few of you out there that read this blog that find me completely nuts for keeping 5 kids under the age of five, and two of those being a 2.5 and 5 month old, at my house.  I've found it useless to convince people I am, in fact, not crazy, so instead I'll give you three reasons as to why I am crazy for doing this.

REASON #1:  I wipe way more butts in one day than any human should endure for a week.  Each of the big kids poop at least once a day.  Right there that's 3 sets of cheeks.  Then the babies each poop at least 3 times each. There's 6 more wipe ups.  Basically I spend the majority of my day with toilet paper or wipes in my hand.

REASON #2:  I never have the use of both hands at one time doing something for me.  If I'm checking email, one hand is typing and the other hand is either bottle feeding Mr. Fluffy Pants or rubbing Chubby Cheekers gums.  I now find myself unable to keep both hands focused on the same task at once.  I think they developed A.D.D.

REASON #3:  The thought of having another baby crosses my mind often (don't worry honey...I'll listen to you when you say, "We are DONE!").  I think this because there are WAY too many penises in this house during the day.  I have seen more bolas in these last two weeks than I care to see for a lifetime!  I need some more girl parts around here.

I'm sure there are more reasons to share, but I'll close with that.  Now, go.  Be with your one or two kids and say, "Thank goodness I'm not Amanda Torres!"  It's okay.  I'll understand.  I'll understand that it appears to be crazy, but yet it's so rewarding.  Rarely do people get to have a relationship with their nephews like I have with mine.  Even in the frustrating moments, I wouldn't change it for the world!  I love me some Chunky Monkey and Mr. Fluffy Pants!!! 

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