Tuesday, April 17, 2012


You know sometimes I really like overages.  I like when I have an overage when balancing my checkbook.

An extra twenty bucks?  YES!

Other times I really don't like overages.  Right now I have a serious overage problem.  One I have not had before.  It's really starting to grate on my nerves.

For the past 3 weeks, I have been pushing myself thanks to a Facebook group.  Yes, you read that right.  Facebook has impacted my life.  My friend, Erica, set up a 30 Day Challenge page for our neighborhood.  It challenges us all to workout for the next 30 days to create a habit of health.  I've always been a person who sees the need for a good workout, but I'm also really good at making excuses for not working out.

Dishwasher needs to be unloaded.
I'm really tired.
I'll do it later tonight.
That laundry isn't going to fold itself.
I should take the kids out to play.

All of these excuses I have used multiple times.  However, in the past I've used these excuses and not had an overage.  What overage are you talking about?  Well, this overage...

I currently have a muffin top.  Not just on the front but on the sides as well.  There is only so long that you can call it 'baby' before you need to do something about it.  I'm almost 8 weeks out from giving birth.  Now is the time to do something about it.

Here's my plan of action...

  • I must workout at least 5 days a week, with the goal of doing 6 days (walking does not count).
  • Limiting my unhealthy food intake.  Let's get real.  I'm not a raw food diet kinda gal, but I can watch my calories.
  • I signed up for a 5K in a month.  I would like to run it in 30 minutes or less.  My husband said I should run it in 27 minutes.  He's crazy.
  • I'm not allowing excuses.  Pushing through the pain and working when I don't want to.
  • I plan for my workouts.  What time and when.  If I'm working out, I won't even answer the phone.
So far I'm toning up and slowly but surely getting back into my 'great shape' clothes again.  Even though I'm still rocking the overage, I can tell a difference. But until everything is ship-shape  shape, I'll do my pants trick to hide all the overage.  You know, the one where when you sit down you just pull the pants over the fat roll.  Yep, that trick works wonders for my stomach!

Thankfully, once I get back in shape I won't have to worry about getting knocked up again.  Littlest Man is our last baby.  Once I get this body back in tip top shape, then I just have to maintain.  No more overage for me...unless it's in my bank account!

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Alice said...

Overage my A$$! I bet you look awesome. Colton is over 2 years old and this overage ain't going anywhere :(