Thursday, April 26, 2012

Creamy Deliciousness

Since I was a complete failure this week in the area of menu making, I turned to my Pinterest board and chose a dish.  Last night it happened to be this one because I had all the ingredients...


It was creamy deliciousness in a dish.  It was also extremely fattening...cheeses...mayo...creamed soup.  Calories, calories, calories.  I tried to tell myself it was healthy because of the broccoli, but I wasn't fooling anyone.  That dish added at least a few more kernels of cottage cheese to my thighs.  Shucks.  Gonna have to do some more workouts.

Anyhoo...if you're interested in adding cottage cheese to your thighs, here's the link to the recipe.

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Jesse @ goodgirlgoneglad said...

Oh my gosh Amanda! This looks so yummy!